Saturday, March 8, 2014

SPING once more

I do bclive I love Sping the best...
Spring is here..

Yes our little garden of sort

Our tree as gone wild

A peek in the back

In the corner on car port

Looking over at next door

Sorry not up to much, been tying to get myself back togetter some what.
Don't know when I will get back at this, So take care OK ((HUGS))

PS. My Dear friend Lura still needs prayers.

Grammys hospital blessing (Grammy's News)

Thank You

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Grammy Staffy said...

Hello dear. I love seeing your garden and yard. Spring has sprung for you. I wish I could get out and do some planting but I guess that will have to wait.
Thank you for your prayers and good wishes. I could not blog in the hospital but I did get your facebook comments. They lifted my spirits.

Thanks for asking your friends to pray for me. I need it and that is very thoughtful of you. I just published a blog post with pictures of my adventure. I hope you will drop by my blog and say hello.

I hope this finds you feeling better. Take care my friend.
Hugs, Lura