Friday, November 22, 2013

What a day

Well yes and no, just some old  one's of me,
 way back a few yrs. I'm a year older to day,
 still feel the same lol.

This is what it looks like outside today
The little dog is our Nina.

Kinda redid my carport...may do more latter

My sweetie bird just back from school
This is my youngest.

My smaller crock pot
Chilli with pork Supper to night as I'm chilled

Not much going on..all here are on their computer's
or tablets doing something to pass the time away for now.
And trying to stay warm. We are so use to the heat here.

Thank You all so much for Your Birthday Wishes.

And Thanks to all who has  drop by....It's always nice to have you visit.
Hope you had a nice day. and hope your Thanksgiving Day is a grate one.



Barbara F. said...

Happy birthday, Kathy. I think your granddaughter looks like you when you were younger. How are the birdies, they don't like the cold. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. xo

Kays Kids said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday. It sure looks wet. Keep warm with good cooking.

Grammy Staffy said...

It was so nice to talk to you on your birthday. I hope you felt loved because you are. Hugs, Lura