Sunday, July 28, 2013

Life is good


Well Hi, just a few lines today.
Ah here's Nina and bunny under
my computer where she like's to
hang out when I'm on the computer.
She alway's like's a toy with her,
where ever she go's to hang.
She has a few under my bed and
some on top at time's.

Still to hot out,lost a few plants.
But our grate lost has been Nable.
We had him for 4 or 5ys. He will
be dearly missed.

Our Dear Dassiy is in bad health
and we had her over 13ys now,
please keep her in your prayer's,TY.

Now BW is just still a barbearen
fat but stil playful and his gray is
showing his age some.

The brids are still chrpping away
about this and that.

And thee rest of us try to keep
hanging in and moveing on
with life day to day.
Life is good ....when the Lord
leads.   (HUGS) and some (xxxx)

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