Monday, June 10, 2013

Take's time

These little one's cheer one on.
It's just hot and going to get hoter.
Our air dnly work's so long
and the heat start's to get to one.
I just miss being able to hang outside,
more offten.

I seem to keep fighting congestion
make's it hard to breath and tried
me out fast.
Going in to see moring.
We are still cleaning....we have
a lot of stuff to sort out and tost,
as we go. It dose take time.

So you not fine me bloging a lot.
As I say I'm not much of one as it is.
Sorry about that as I would like to be.
Thanks for doping by and caring,
Wishing you only the best alway's.

PS if you look hard you will see a dove or pigen
We can't seem to get the water all the way off.
so it make's it nice for tree and brid's.


Carol Z said...

Cathy Jo, keep as cool as you can and take good care of yourself.

Cathyjo said...

Thank YOU,YOu take good care also.ox