Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Joy

Well it's still raining out
It hasn't been a hard rain realy.
And I have enjoy it,We need it.
But it has gotten to my bone's,
that part I could do with out.
But nice excuse for Soups,
Chco,Chile's and the like's.
And just plain snuggling.

Yestorday my grate gand
daughter was Baptized,
what joy that has brough
one could just hear angle's
singing wiht joy also.
She was confirm a menber
today of  the church.
Hope she will always...

Ah for next month.

This is Miss Lovey.

And she was made out of hearts, of course.

This is my most favorite pattern for a crochet heart -- ever.

After making 2 of my most favorite crochet hearts, I stuffed it and edged it with single crochet in white.

Button eyes, embroidered floss mouth, 2 tiny hearts for a barrette & heart-shaped hands & shoes for Miss Lovey.

It took me awhile to figure out how to make the arms & legs.  With paper, I would accordion-fold strips for the arms & legs.  So what to do with crochet?

How 'bout corkscrew arms & legs?

It's been awhile since I have done this stitch but I watched this as a great refresher on how to crochet a spiral/corkscrew.

I think she is lovely. 

Thanks for stoping by,
the best to you and your's.


Faye Henry said...

Hi Cathy..
so glad when someone excepts Christ as their Savior..
Enjoy your rain.. We have lots of snow..
Take care, my friend..

Carol Z said...

We've got cold here. So glad to see you posting and see your happy family news.

Grammy Staffy said...

It has been raining here too. I like the rain. I'm sorry that the damp weather hurts your bones.

Jan says Hi to you. She has moved and does not have her computer set up yet. She misses not being able to blog.
thanks for being our sweet blog friend. Hugs, Lura