Friday, September 28, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams
I fine this room so peaceful and just lovely.
A room of my dreams...sweet dreams.

Well I'm sorry I don't blog much,
mostly because my mind just not,
with it. I hate to say it but I think
its going out somewhat.Scrairy
and as you can see my spelling,
is a mess anymore also.
I get upset with myself as I amess,
My body doesn't work or my mind
Sometime I fine it quite hard to care
for myself these's what I can.
I miss you all...but just can't keep up.
So meny wonderful Blogs out there
I've have so enjoyed them.Thank You
for sharing....Love You.((HUGS))

I get to it about 3 times a week...I try.

PS.I've been on Pinterest looking for
a recipe for rice pudding,and could
only fine one....thiers got to be more.
I'm tried of looking,just brunt out...
Did fine alot of things...If you run a
croose any let me know.TY.

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