Saturday, April 30, 2011


My daugther Carolyn is going though today for her frist time,it make's my soul sing.I can't handle it myself.
I'm hopeing to beable to handle being seal when the time comes, before winter set's in. and hopefuly my son
will beable to join us also at that time.

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Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Cathyjo,
I am so happy for you and your daughter. Nothing is sweeter than having your child go to the temple to receive the blessings and ordinances offered there. Which temple is that? Is it the Hawaiian temple??? or Mesa??? or ??? Were you able to go with her today? If not, I know that you were with her in spirit.

As an ordinance workers, John and I really miss our weekly shifts at the temple. We work in the Redland's temple and love it. Our temple matron has called me several times to let me know they miss us. I can't wait to get well enough to return to work there. There is a special feeling and spirit in the temple that can not be found any other place.

Congrats again to you and your daughter. What a wonderful day for you.
Thanks once again for your prayers and support. They mean so much to me. Hugs, Lura